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Effective Solutions for Tough Challenges...

Drilling for OilNothing comes easy in oil and gas. Tough comes with the territory. Extreme conditions create critical issues and challenges at every stage, from exploration and extraction to transport, storage and processing. FirstPower works to understand your challenges. We work to find solutions that maximize your efforts and minimize the impact of those critical issues. We work to make what you do work better.

Molykote® brand SmartLubrication  solutions from Dow Corning® are designed for heavy loads and temperature extremes. They withstand vibrations, shock loads, water washout and corrosive chemicals.

Innovation and Understanding to meet Your Needs...

You strive for increased equipment reliability and added service life. You demand operational and environmental safety. You work to eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance and prevent losses. FirstPower works to understand your challenges and find solutions that increase reliability, efficiency and equipment uptime. We work to find ways to maximize your efforts and reduce time spent on fixing problems so you can focus on what matters most: production.

Dow Corning® sealant solutions  are used for sealing a wide array of oilfield equipment, tooling and fittings. Sealants are suitable for equipment assembly, maintenance shop repairs and in-field service. High performance sealants meet the extreme challenges in oil and gas applications.

Oil and Gas Solutions from Dow Corning

Oil & Gas Solutions

Valve Lubrication and Sealing

Valve Lubrication & Sealing

Anti-Seize Paste

Anti-Seize Paste

Silicone Foam Control

Silicone Foam Control

Local Presence, Global Provider...

FirstPower Headquarters, Twinsburg, OHLocated just outside of Akron, OH, FirstPower provides support that is only hours from the Marcellus-Utica shale regions and draws from the strength and support of Dow Corning®, a global company. Our local presence combined with the research and development capabilities of Dow Corning® deliver results that strengthen your efforts in the field and impact the bottom line in a positive way.

Put our technical experts on your team. In dusty and muddy oilfields in the sub-zero extremes of winter or blazing heat of summer, and the unexpected shifts in temperature in between, we have effective solutions. Rely on our global commercial network to help. Let's work together to get your tough jobs done right with high-performance  Molykote® brand specialty lubricants and Dow Corning® brand silicone sealants.

Molykote® SmartLubrication Solutions

Dow Corning® Sealant Solutions

  • Severe Duty greases blend solid lubricants and additives for heavy load lubrication, reliable equipment operation and reduced maintenance needs.
  • Anti-seize pastes provide a uniform coefficient of friction under heavy loads and extreme temperatures, and aid in assembly/disassembly of threaded connections.
  • Anti-friction coatings provide dry-film lubrication that resists water washout, retards corrosion and delivers high load-carrying capacity.
  • Silicone oils and greases perform across a wide temperature range under lightly loaded conditions, such as instrument lubrication applications, fluorosilicone compounds withstand exposure to fuels, solvents and chemicals.

Oilfield Solutions

  • Stability in high and low temperature, with limited stiffening or softening, keeps these seals and gaskets in place to reduce potential for leakage and loss.
  • Extreme exposure resistance prevents degradation and loss of sealing strength under long-term exposure to sunlight, salt spray, abrasive sand and airborne contaminants.
  • Chemical stability, especially with fluorosilicone, maintains sealing integrity when exposed to fuels, solvents and many corrosive chemicals that cause many organic sealants to fail.
  • Good bond strength, ensuring long-lasting adhesion to a wide range  of equipment materials, including glass, metals, masonry, painted surfaces and plastic parts.
  • Dielectric insulating properties provide good protection against short circuits and power losses when these sealants are properly used to seal electrical circuits and devices.
  • Low flammability helps these sealants comply with fire-safety regulations and codes.

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